viernes, 25 de abril de 2008

JoBro en MTV

Here is the article from MTV Buzzworthy:

Today is take your kids to work day here at Camp MTV. Now, when we were l’il and went to work with our parents, we got, like, half a Snickers bar and the backs of some annual reports to color on. These kids got the Jonas Brothers.

Nick, Joe and Kevin (and their dad!) were the VIP surprise guests down at the Lodge (our fancy word for the MTV/ Viacom “cafeteria”) this morning, where they talked to a rapt audience of kids and parents about ways to go green (Efficient light bulbs! Hybrid cars!)

But the kids were, politely, more interested in hearing about the JoBros’ Kids Choice Award win (I swear, one kid asked that and it wasn’t even planted), what it was like seeing themselves on TRL — “the coolest experience ever” — and what they’re listening to on the road — Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash.

The Jonas Brothers then gave an impromptu, pitch-perfect a cappella rendition of “S.O.S.” (swoon!), sweetly thanked all the kiddos, before they were whisked away back to their green room, where we deftly snuck in and shot a few snaps. (By the way, their hair was collectively flawless, Kevin was rocking an appropriately springlike clam-diggers-no-socks ensemble, and Joe had on some slick patent boat shoes we’re seriously sweatin’. Dudes can DRESS.)

More photos after the jump.

Hail Mary, OMJ

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